Lapid: Gamzu must quit

Coronavirus commissioner Ronni Gamzu should resign to protest Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu silencing him and other professionals, opposition leader Yair Lapid said at a press conference on Thursday night.                  
"They shut the mouths of the pros, especially Gamzu," Lapid said. "All the experts were against a complete lockdown. They were shut down. We're going into this lockdown without any sort of plan, without defining clear goals."
Lapid said the lockdown was avoidable and it is not true that the second wave has hit the whole world. He said the second wave is hitting those who didn't prepare for it, in countries where the government didn't prepare.
"The reason for this lockdown isn't Covid-19," he said. "The reason is the failed, political, negligent and hysterical management of the crisis by this government and by the prime minister. This is a failure and one person is responsible for it. This is a failure and it is Netanyahu's failure."