Lapid: Israel not looking for 'happy marriage' with Palestinians, but rather a 'fair divorce'

Finance Minister Yair Lapid reacted to the resumption of peace talks with "cautious optimism" Saturday, saying that Israel was not looking for a "happy marriage" with the Palestinians but rather a "fair divorce."
Lapid stated on his Facebook page that the renewed peace talks were evidence of Yesh Atid coming through on a campaign promise, and he vowed that the party would act as the "central, moderate and balanced" voice in the government on the issue of the peace process.
He said that the left-wing should be reminded that "we must manage these negotiations as negotiations are managed in the Middle East - toughly, suspiciously and with an eye on always putting a high price, with no compromises, on Israel's essential assets."
In address to the right-wing, Lapid wrote: "We must separate from the Palestinians, because a bi-national state would spell the end of Zionism. My father came here after the Holocaust because he wanted to live in a Jewish state, not in a state of all its citizens. We need to approach this process with courage - on the basis of a two-state solution - because we must not give in to despair, to throwing our hands up, to all those who tell us 'nothing can be done.' There is something that can be done. There always is."