Law enforcement carries out sting operation on Tel Aviv brothels

The Justice Ministry announced Wednesday that a wide range of law enforcement has carried out a sting operation on two Tel Aviv brothels in an ongoing increase in the fight against prostitution.
Law enforcement personnel’s surprise searching of and showing up at the brothels occurred on Tuesday and uncovered evidence of a range of alleged prostitution and tax violations.
Agencies involved in the sting operation included: the police, tax authorities, both the criminal and civil divisions of the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office, the Tel Aviv Municipality Legal and Construction Violation divisions and Health Ministry officials.
The statement said that the fight against prostitution was not just important to curb than phenomenon, but to curb the even more insidious phenomenon of prostitution evolving into an illegal slave trade.
It said that law enforcement’s activities were part of a “wave” of initiatives by Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein to actively attack these criminal phenomena on a broad scale instead of waiting for individual crimes to be perpetrated.
The Justice Ministry noted that it had carried out a similar previous sting operation on May 11.
In the next stage, the ministry hopes to expand such sting operations throughout the country.