Lawyer: Journalist accused of pouring hot oil on mom ‘convicted by press’

The attorney for Sapir Nisani, the 24-year-old journalist being held on possible attempted murder charges for throwing boiling cooking oil on her mother, said Monday his client has been convicted by the media without getting her day in court.
“Everyone is looking at this case as though it’s already been proven that she did it and are ignoring that just before being put under anesthesia her mother had said she doesn’t blame her [Sapir],” attorney Guy Ein-Tzvi said Monday in an interview with Army Radio.
“We’re talking about attempted murder, have you ever heard of someone trying to kill someone with boiling oil,” he asked.
Nisani was arrested Friday after allegedly pouring a pot of boiling cooking oil onto her mother while she lay in her bedroom. Nisani maintains it was an accident and that she spilled the oil after tripping on a robotic vacuum cleaner while carrying the pot into her mother’s room to get spices for a dish she was preparing.
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