Liberman bashes Netanyahu for leaving amid Qatari money transfer to Hamas

Former Minister of Defense and Chairman of the Yisrael Beiteinu Party MK Avigdor Liberman bashed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for leaving to Chad as the Qatari money to Hamas is scheduled to be delivered on Sunday or Monday.
"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went tonight for an important political visit to Chad. And who comes in his place? The Qatari envoy, who brings in an additional $ 15 million in cash earmarked for Hamas," Liberman said. "This is the continuation of the process of surrendering to terrorists and Hamas, and no political visit to Africa can cover that up.
"The Government of Israel must stop the transfer of Qatari money, fuel and any additional equipment to Gaza and make every benefit to Gaza be given only in return for the release of our soldiers and citizens who are held by Hamas!"
The third phase of the Qatari money was delayed a bit, but is expected to be transferred to the terrorists today or tomorrow at the latest. After last Friday the number of rioters along the border of the Gaza Strip increased significantly and even infiltrated the territory of a Hamas activist from Gaza.