Liberman: IDF prepared to respond to Iran and terror from north to south

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman related to Israel's investment in defense and security at the "Our IDF" exhibit in Holon, which opened for the 70th anniversary of the IDF, led by the IDF and Defense Ministry.
"The reality... forces us to invest most of our energy on security and tremendous financial investment in advanced weaponry from the worldview that our neighbors are not laying their weapons down, but rather aiming them at us," Liberman said.
Liberman emphasized that the leaders of the Finance Ministry "should stop spending the money and should invest it in the security of the citizens of Israel."
"We have an army that, at this very moment... acts with full strength and is in full reach in the north, the south and Yehuda and Shomron," he reminded his audience. "The IDF is ready to respond at any given moment to both Iranian threats and terror organizations from the north or south."