Liberman: Netanyahu is sending 'protection' money to Hamas

Former defense minister and Yisrael Beytenu head Avigdor Liberman slammed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's response to the shooting attack in Beit El Saturday.
"Another shooting attack. Again a person's life is saved by a miracle. And again the response of the government of Israel is to transfer $15 million from Qatar to Hamas," Liberman wrote on Facebook Sunday.
"This is essentially the third installment of the protection money that the cabinet is sending to Hamas every month, claiming that the money is meant to improve the lives of the residents of Gaza," he continued. "In fact, they are throwing sand in our eyes. The money is meant for building rockets, digging tunnels, terror attacks and murdering Jews. Gaza residents don't see a single dollar of this protection money."
"Years ago there was a strong and determined candidate for prime minister, who claimed that Hamas rule in Gaza must be overturned, and that it is forbidden under any circumstances to transfer money to Hamas. It is a shame he is no longer with us. His name was Benjamin Netanyahu," Liberman wrote.