Liberman: Problem among Arab-Israelis is not just a 'few bad weeds'

Israel Beytanu party head Avigdor Liberman said in a statement following the terror attack in Kibbutz Gan Shmuel that the current security crisis in Israel was indicative of a systemic problem within the Israeli-Arab community and not the act of a "few bad weeds."
According to the statement, Liberman said that the brutal attack committed by an Israeli Arab from Umm al-Fahm "proves once again that the problem among Israeli-Arabs in not a problem of a few bad weeds but 'of a poisoned garden' within the Knesset."
Liberman added that Arab Mk's in the Knesset need to take responsibility for exacerbating the current wave of terrorism rocking Israel
"The security establishment needs to cease its repeated policy of leniency towards these terrorist from within the Knesset," Liberman said. "The Knesset needs to craft legislation designed to fight terrorism" more effectively, he added.