Libyan rebel figure Jebril makes plea for money in US

WASHINGTON - A Libyan opposition leader made a plea on Thursday for the United States to free up some of the billions of dollars in frozen Libyan assets, saying the Benghazi-based rebels were in a financial crisis.
Mahmoud Jebril, a US-educated technocrat who has become the public face of the rebel Transitional National Council, is making the rounds in Washington seeking greater support for rebels struggling to end Muammar Gaddafi's 41-year rule.
Speaking at the Brookings Institution think tank, Jebril bemoaned the opposition's financial constraints and sought to speed up US and other efforts to free up assets that have been frozen by the United States and others.
"We are facing a very acute ... financial problem because of the frozen assets," Jebril said. "So I would like to seize this opportunity ... to call on the United States administration to help us."