Libyan rebels will only discuss Gaddafi quitting-aide

AL-BAYDA - Rebels who set up a National Libyan Council now based in east Libya are only open to talks on Muammar Gaddafi's resignation or exile to stop the bloodshed, the aide to a senior rebel leader said on Thursday.
Ahmed Jabreel, an aide to ex-justice minister Mustafa Abdel Jalil who heads the council now based in Benghazi, said air strikes to set up a "no-fly" zone were needed to help rebels topple Gaddafi, who has refused to step down despite a revolt.
"If there is any negotiation it will be on one single thing - how Gaddafi is going to leave the country or step down so we can save lives. There is nothing else to negotiate," Jabreel, authorised to speak on Abdel Jalil's behalf, told Reuters.