Limited Postal Company deal for free car insurance when buying used car

Limited Postal Company d

People who buy used cars and switch ownership at an Israel Postal Company branch but haven't managed to take out compulsory and comprehensive insurance will get three days' worth free from the company - at least until the end of this year. Postal Company Director-General Avi Hochman said he was continuing to look for services that would be welcomed by the public. It has often occurred that the second-hand purchaser of a vehicle asks the seller to continue his insurance for a few days until he can arrange for his own, but when an accident occurs, there is no coverage because the vehicle is no longer in his possession. As the Postal Company is now representing six insurance companies - Phoenix, Migdal, Menora, Clal, AIG and Hachsharat Hayeshuv - with online comparative offers and in-branch facilitation, it has launched the initiative until the last day in December. The spokeswoman said she didn't know whether it would be extended. The three days of free car insurance can be obtained at no cost at post office branches and by calling *8855.