Lipman says haredi press misrepresenting his views

After being termed a possible “apostate” in the latest issue of ultra-orthodox magazine Ami, Yesh Atid MK and ordained Rabbi Dov Lipman fired back against the haredi media this week, telling The Jerusalem Post that he believes that publications such as Ami are intentionally misrepresenting his views.
According to Ami magazine, “Lipman may indeed have once been haredi. But the question that begs to be asked is whether, Lipman, who is one of the most virulent activists against Torah values held dear by the global Orthodox community, still is one, or whether he is actually an apostate.”
"I am all for substantive debate about the issues. It saddens me to see the complete breakdown in derech eretz [good manners] which has been resorted to in order to attack me and others, including colleagues in my party,” Lipman stated, asking when it became “permissible according to Jewish law to fabricate quotes or imply quotes when they were never said?”
The freshman lawmaker was referring to a claim in the Ami article in which the anonymous author stated that “Lipman also implied during [an] interview that the Chasam Sofer’s teachings were responsible for the deaths of Jews during the Holocaust, and that he is trying to eradicate those teachings."
The Chasam Sofer, Rabbi Moses Schreiber, was the 19th century founder of the movement that is now known as ultra-orthodoxy.
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