Livni blames Likud, Bayit Hayehudi for settler violence

Tzipi Livni attacked the Likud and Bayit Hayehudi following an incident in which settlers clashed with security forces at the Oz Zion outpost on Friday, saying they bore the responsibility for a situation in which the IDF and police could come under attack from settlers.
"The extreme right-wing's clashes with soldiers, with the backing of their political rabbis, and the fact that IDF soldiers are forced to subdue this outburst on the Sabbath, should enlighten every mother and father on what these elections are about. The extreme-Right, which has taken control of Likud and Bayit Hayehudi is clashing with IDF soldiers, doing as it pleases in the territories and forcing the IDF and the police to deal with this instead of security," she said.
Livni added that the rabbis leading the settlers clashing with the security forces were the rabbis of Bayit Hayehudi leader Naftali Bennet.
"This is [Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu's capitulation, and we are all paying the price for this thuggish political extortion," she added.