Livni: Gov't weakening Israel with absence of peace process

Livni Govt weakening I

Not for the first time, opposition leader Tzipi Livni on Tuesday criticized the government for what she said was a lack of direction and said it was trying to avoid making the necessary decisions concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Speaking to Israeli radio stations, she said the government "isn't functioning" with regards to the peace process, and that the deadlock wasn't serving Israel's interests. "They talk in a strong way, but they are making Israel weaker with the absence of a process and real diplomatic action," she said. "Israel needs to deal with the Goldstone report, and I myself am willing to stand up in every forum in this regard, but the government cannot only deal with the Goldstone report. The correct policy is to fight terror and extremists with military means, while simultaneously conducting a peace process and making decisions." The opposition leader said implementing the principle of "two nation states," was "not a favor" to the Americans, the Europeans or the Palestinians, but a clear interest of Israel.