Livni: Jewish state bill goes against Israel's Declaration of Independence

Justice Minister Tzipi Livni on Monday slammed the "Jewish state bill," an initiative to give Israel’s status as a Jewish state legal weight.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed support for the bill on Sunday, prompting Livni to postpone at the last minute the Ministerial Committee for Legislation’s vote.Speaking at a faction meeting of her Hatnua party on Monday, Livni said, "The Zionists fought for Israel to be a Jewish and democratic state. Israel has equality for all its citizens. I oppose a democratic state that is not Jewish just like I would oppose a Jewish state that is not democratic."
She said that she postponed deliberations on the bill because it would change Israel's status as a state with equal rights for all its citizens.
"We are not against a Jewish state bill, just against a bill that goes against the declaration of Independence," Livni said.
Livni then read a quote from Likud ideological forebear Ze'ev Jabotinsky about equality "to remind the Likud" what he stood for.
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