Livni: Restarting peace talks an internal Israeli interest

Hatnua leader Tzipi Livni on Monday called on Israel to do its part to advance the diplomatic process with the Palestinians, saying that "the time that is passing does not serve those that believe in two states for two people."
Speaking at a Hatnua faction meeting, Livni stated that the party's role in the government was to push the peace process forward and improve the quality of life for Israelis.
Livni said that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not something taking place "out in the jungle." She called a resumption of peace talks with the Palestinians "an internal Israeli interest," while praising US Secretary of State John Kerry for his "determination and obligation" to restarting diplomatic efforts.
Livni said that she expects those in the opposition who support a two-state solution to give the necessary support to the government's peace efforts when the time comes.