Livni: Salah exploits Temple Mt. tensions to stir up emotions in Arab world

Livni Salah incites vio

Opposition leader Tzipi Livni on Thursday morning expressed support for the government's handling of Islamic Movement leader Sheikh Raed Salah, saying he was inciting violence by exploiting tensions and the most basic emotions in the Arab world regarding the Temple Mount. Salah, who heads the Islamic Movement's northern branch, based in Umm el-Fahm, was banned from Jerusalem for 30 days on Tuesday night after being arrested in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Wadi Joz on suspicion of inciting the recent Arab riots in the capital. "Raed Salah is an instigator and inciter, who uses every kind of tension on the Temple Mount, even if it does not exist, in order to stir up the most basic emotions in the Arab world," Livni told Army Radio. Livni added that "there will be no opposition or coalition on this matter."