Livni slams UNHRC, says Israel represents free world in war on terror

Livni slams UNHRC, says

Opposition leader Tzipi Livni on Tuesday criticized the UN Human Rights Council for its endorsement of the Goldstone Commission's report, which accused Israel of war crimes and possible crimes against humanity during last winter's Operation Cast Lead, calling the council "a crooked body that acts in crooked way, mainly against the State of Israel." "I backed Operation Cast Lead, it was right and restored Israel's deterrence, and I have full faith in the IDF troops" she said in Israeli radio interviews. "[Kadima's] position was that we must act in every possible place and counter the unacceptable comparison between IDF soldiers and terrorists." She said the report's endorsement was not a measure against Israel only. "Israel's war on terror is not just its business, we are representing the entire free world," she said. "Backing Israel's war on terror does not constitute supporting Israel against the Palestinians, but supporting the very ideals that [those in the free world] believe in, against those who are not willing to live in peace with their surroundings and want to impose extremist Islamic ideology."