Man charged with severely abusing his mentally ill mother

A Rishon Lezion man subjected his mentally ill mother to severe abuse, including beating and strangling her, according to an indictment filed in the Central District Court on Thursday.
Victor Chernish, aged 42, was his mother Nina Chernish's court appointed legal guardian, the indictment said.
According to the indictment, Nina, who suffered from schizophrenia, had spent much of her life in closed psychiatric facilities in Ukraine until Chernish brought her to Israel in 2004, where she was immediately admitted to an Israeli psychiatric facility.
In 2010, however, Chernish released his mother from hospital and brought her to his Rishon Lezion home, where she stayed until she died last month.
The indictment alleges that after Chernish brought his mother to live with him, he would habitually tie his her hands and feet together, put duct tape or a towel over her mouth, would even tie her to various objects in his home, including a bicycle.
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