Man in his 20s arrested as chief suspect in club slaying

A homicide investigation team from the Yiftah police station arrested a man in his 20s, a resident of Holon, on suspicion of stabbing to death a 20-year-old Jaffa resident during a December 17 attack outside the Terminal night club in Tel Aviv, police announced on Thursday.
Lawrence Amsis died of his stab injuries soon after being rushed to hospital.
The suspect fled his home after the fatal attack, police said, adding that he had been declared a wanted fugitive.
The man's father and a friend of the father, both in their 50s, were also arrested on suspicion of abetting a suspect fleeing the law, police said.
Four youths were earlier arrested in the days after the stabbing on suspicion of being linked to the incident, but were not believed to be the main suspects.
Police say Amsis was set upon by a group of suspects on Rehov Hatzfira near the club following a verbal altercation in the nightclub, situated in Tel Aviv's Yad Harutzim area, before being stabbed.
The area has been the scene of lethal alcohol-fueled violence in the past.