Man suspected of murdering sister while on prison furlough

An Umm al-Fahm man on furlough from prison is suspected of murdering his sister in her apartment on Sunday, coastal sub-district police said on Monday.
The man had been serving a sentence for firearms offenses including his role in a shooting incident, when he was released from prison on a furlough over the weekend. On Sunday night he was already back in his cell at Shata prison when he was arrested in connection to the murder.
Muna Mahajna, 30, was found dead with gunshot wounds to her upper body in her apartment in Umm al-Fahm earlier in the day. Police were quick to characterize the killing as linked to some sort of family dispute, though they were hesitant to say if it was an “honor killing”, a controversial term for murders carried out by husbands or male relatives of a woman accused of some sort of slight to the family's “honor”.
Mahajna had recently remarried shortly before she was killed, and police are looking at the new marriage as being possibly linked to the dispute that took her life.