McCain skeptical of Iran deal, vows to push for more sanctions

US Senator John McCain expressed skepticism Sunday over an interim agreement signed earlier in the day by Iran and world powers in Geneva, and vowed to continue efforts to push for addition sanctions legislature in Congress.
While McCain said implementation of the deal could "modestly slow Iran's nuclear ambitions during the next six months," he said he was concerned by certain omissions from the accord.
The former US presidential candidate noted various "concerning" issues in the accord, including the lack of detailing on requiring the Islamic Republic to resolve outstanding concerns of the IAEA; the agreement's silence on "the question of Iran's nuclear weaponization efforts and development of delivery systems"; and the time stamp on the current deal after which, according to McCain, Tehran would be able to resume its enrichment program and threaten American national security interests and US allies in the region.
“I am concerned this agreement could be a dangerous step that degrades our pressure on the Iranian regime without demonstrable actions on Iran's part to end its pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability – a situation that would be reminiscent of our experience over two decades with North Korea," he said in a statement.