MDA: Beware of alcohol on New Year’s

With New Year’s Eve 2016 on Thursday night, Magen David has prepared itself to cope with celebrants who consume alcohol and drive and have accidents.
MDA reminds pedestrians to be extra careful when crossing the street and those who drink not to drive.
Avoid excess alcohol beverages that can cause people to act violently and suffer poisoning, sometimes causing coma and even death, MDA said.
Don’t drink from any open or unsealed bottles or glasses of alcohol or leave them unsupervised, as they could be “doped” with dangerous drugs.
If someone has been affected by excessive alcohol, take him away from dangerous spots such as streets, vehicles, balconies and electric machines. If he has lost consciousness and isn’t breathing, start resuscitation immediately and make sure somebody calls MDA.
If he’s vomiting, turn him on the side so he doesn’t choke.
Don’t give him coffee or any other liquid, because the loss of reflexes can cause liquids to enter his lungs and choke him.
Avoid going into very crowded places of entertainment, as if something untoward occurs, people can be trampled. Parents should supervise children so they do not consume alcohol.
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