Measles warning issued for Northern Israeli community

The Ministry of Health issued a public announcement Thursday about a patient who may have exposed residents to the measles virus in the northern community of Poria – Neve Oved. The individual attended synagogue services on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of last week and health officials have warned that the highly contagious measles virus can linger in the air for 2 hours. 
The Ministry of Health urged anyone who may have come into contact with the patient and has not received both doses of the measles vaccine to report to the nearest health care provider.
The potentially deadly disease which causes itchy rashes on the skin has made a come-back in Israel.
Located near the city of Tiberias, Poria – Neve Oved was established in 1949 by Jewish refugees from North Africa. Today most of the population is comprised of professionals working in Tiberias and the Lower Galilee region.