'Mein Kampf' copyright law to expire in 2015

A member of Germany's opposition Social Democratic Party (SPD) strongly objects to Germany republishing Adolf Hilter's Mein Kampf, reported German international broadcaster Deutche Welle.
The exposition of Hitler's political ideologies, that eventually led to the rise of the Nazi regime and the extermination of 6 million Jews during the Holocaust, will be considered public domain once its copyright law expires in 2015, said DW.
European law states that a copyright law is void once the author of a publication has been dead for 70 years. According to DW, that will mark December 31, 2015 as the first day anyone can legally publish or distribute Hitler's writings. The rights are reportedly in the possession of the German state of Bavaria.
German parliamentarian Burkhard Lischka of The SPD told DW that he would find it an insult to victims of the Holocaust if Mein Kampf were to become available in German bookstores.
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