Meretz chief: Settlers have seized power in government

The head of the leftist Meretz party Zahava Gal-On lashed out Thursday at the formulation of the new coalition put together by Binyamin Netanyahu, claiming that "the settlers have seized the positions of power in the government."
Under the terms of the coalition agreement, which is likely to be signed Thursday, Bayit Yehudi's leader Naftali Bennett becomes Vice PM, and other party members, including former settler leader Nissim Slomiansky, take on key governmental positions.
"[The fact that] control of the Trade and Industry, and Housing Ministries and the Knesset Finance Committee are in the hands of Bayit Yehudi, guarantees that the entire economy will be mortgaged for the ongoing profligate financial benefits that the settlers enjoy at the expense of the rest of Israeli society." Gal-On said.