Meretz's Gal-On calls on Likud ministers at right-wing rally to step down

Meretz head Zehava Gal-On called for members of Knesset who joined protests outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's home in Jerusalem to step down, saying they have no reason to protest their own government.
On her Facebook page Monday night, Gal-On said that she respects the right of citizens to protest their leadership, even though she did not agree with the protesters' message.
"But to government ministers that are not doing anything but carrying the fire and exposing the lack of leadership, I do not respect. You are sitting at the government table. All of the power is in your hands. If you are not able to carry out what your are screaming about now in the street, then you need to do something: step down."
"How can you join these protests as if you have no responsibility for the situation?" she said.  "You are the government. You have been in power for years and the one thing that you have been able to recommend is to protest and scream to exert more force. Who is stopping you?"
On Monday night, thousands protested as the cabinet met to discuss its response to the Palestinian terror attacks in the last five days that claimed four Israeli lives.
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