Minister Gallant: We have an opportunity to uproot Iran from Syria

"We must strike the iron while it’s hot,” Construction Minister Yoav Gallant [Kulanu] said at a Shabbat cultural event in Givat Shmuel on Saturday.
“We have an opportunity to uproot Iran from Syria and we will use it,” said Gallant, who is a member of the security cabinet.
Israel must “destroy any trace of Iranian [military] build-up in Syria,” he said. “We will put the Iranian genie back in the bottle; just as the Iranians arrived in Syria, they can be removed from there.”
Gallant, a former major-general and commander of the IDF Southern Command, emphasized that “the Iranian economy is in a bad state, and there’s an internal debate in Iran. Many understand that the focus on exporting terrorism and developing nuclear weapons is using up the resources of tens of millions of citizens who need to live their lives.”