Ministries warn against eggs with Salmonella from Ukraine

The Health and Agriculture Ministries warned the public on Wednesday against using eggs marked UA that come from the Ukraine because a recent shipment was found to have Salmonella bacteria (of the enteritidis strain), which can cause food poisoning.
The eggs, they said, are no longer on the market but may already been in homes. Immediately after getting results of lab tests, the Agriculture Ministry decided to halt the import of eggs from the Ukraine and their sale here immediately, until further notice. It also demanded that the Ukrainian authorities check for the source the bacteria and halt their export.
The Health Ministry recommended buying eggs only from a recognized source with the name of the marketer and stamp and expiration date on them. Purchase them only at licensed stores. Avoid eating soft-boiled or “sunny-side-up eggs that have not been thoroughly heated. Do not eat or drink foods that contain eggs not fully heated. Keep eggs in the refrigerator. Observe these rules especially when those eating the eggs are babies, elderly or people with weak immune systems, the ministry said.
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