MK Edri proposes legislation to restrict term of any Mossad head

Less than twenty-four hours after it was revealed that the Mossad's deputy head - T - was resigning from the organization due to the extension of Mossad chief Meir Dagan's administration by an additional year, MK Ya'akov Edri proposed legislation Monday that would restrict the length of service of any Mossad head. Edri's bill would restrict the term in office to four years, parallel to the service lengths of the IDF's chief-of-staff, the head of the Shin Bet and the Israel Police chief. Even in the new legislation, Edri provided for the possibility that the length of term could be extended by the government - but only for one year. Dagan's term in office has been extended repeatedly - eight times - and he is slated to depart the organization at the end of 2010, but Edri's law, if passed, would only apply to the next head of the organization.