MK Eitan: Tibi's comments at Fatah parley 'obstacle to peace'

Likud MK Michael Eitan on Tuesday blasted comments made at the Fatah general assembly in Bethlehem earlier by UAL-Ta'al MK Ahmed Tibi, who said that the Palestinian state must be free of Jewish settlers and that Israeli Arabs were an inseparable part of the Palestinian people. "The peace process between Israel and the Palestinians cannot move forward if it is based on hate, separation and an unwillingness to coexist," said Eitan. "Whoever wants to throw out Jews because of a nationalistic opposition to them living next to Arabs brings upon himself identical statements by Jews about Arabs." He went on to say that such remarks were an obstacle to peace and constituted "a dangerous radicalization that does nothing to help bridge the gaps, and certainly doesn't contribute to peace in our region."