MK Golan: Right-wing lead to this wave of terror

Former IDF General and Democratic Union MK Yair Golan said on Thursday that the right-wing camp is responsible for the Thursday round of Palestinian terror attacks. 
Golan was responding to a question posed to him by a reporter who wanted to know if the Right is responsible to the terror increase and said: “I am sorry to say that the answer is yes.” 
The Likud slammed the former general and said that his words are “shame” and that “everyone understands that Golan and [Blue and White leader Benny] Gantz will bury the 'Deal of the Century.'”
Yamina slammed Golan, calling him a “radical Left wing supporter who “sees chances [for peace] while those injured in terror attacks still struggle over their lives.”
Golan responded by saying that Netanyahu’s administration “blabbed” about a “dangerous annexation” [of the Jordan Valley and the West Bank] and “set fire to the region.” 
“Now there are wounded [IDF] soldiers in hospitals,” he said, “when those who speak the truth are labeled ‘mentally ill' no wonder everybody is keeping quiet.” 
“I will continue to tell the truth,” he said. 
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