MKs Hasson and Shai slam Netanyahu's IBA transfer

MK Yoel Hasson, chairman of the State Control Committee, released a statement Wednesday regarding rumors that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu plans to transfer the Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) to the Prime Minister's Office's control.
“Netanyahu's plan to transfer the responsibility for and management of the Israel Broadcasting Authority to his own hands is no less than an attempt to take over the IBA,” Hasson said. “This situation will clearly turn public broadcasting into the prime minister's tool, and it will become 'the voice of Netanyahu,' and not 'the voice of Israel.'”
“There is no doubt that this move will not promote or improve public broadcasting,” Hasson continued. “However, it surely will worsen its situation and is against the public interest.”
MK Nachman Shai added: "The IBA is returning to the dark ages, when it depended on the prime minister's whims and instructions." Shai, formerly an IDF spokesman, announced that he would propose a bill to separate public broadcasting from political influence.