Mohel "overdid" circumcision, landing baby in hospital

Mohel overdid circumci

A newborn baby whose scrotum was accidentally cut lengthwise during a brit mila (ritual circumcision) on Tuesday was rushed to Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot the same night. The mohel who performed the brit called for an ambulance after he saw that the baby was bleeding profusely and realized what he had done. The infant underwent immediate lifesaving surgery and is out of danger, the hospital reported, adding that he did not need a blood transfusion. The baby was accompanied to the hospital by his mother, Asmara Mula. Doctors at the hospital urged parents to be alert to problems immediately after a circumcision, and to open the diaper and make sure the baby is not bleeding or suffering from discomfort. If there is a problem, they should not hesitate to take the child to an emergency room, the hospital said.