Nasrallah warns: In future war, we'll hit suburbs of Tel Aviv

Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah threatened to attack Tel Aviv if Israel were to bomb Beirut's southern suburbs, a bastion of the terror group, according to a Reuter report. "The equations that used to apply have now changed. Now it is 'the southern suburbs for Tel Aviv' and not 'Beirut for Tel Aviv'," al-Akhbar newspaper on Monday quoted Nasrallah as telling a group of Lebanese emigrants. "This is not muscle-flexing," the Hizbullah chief went on. "The Israeli army will be destroyed in any future war. And any force from the enemy's army that steps on Lebanese land, will be destroyed, and that is a fact." Hizbullah and Israel have not exchanged fire since the end of the Second Lebanon War three years ago, but tensions rose recently after a weapons cache exploded earlier this month in southern Lebanon.