National Security Council issues updated travel warnings

The National Security Council Counter-Terrorism Bureau on Sunday issued updated travel warnings and recommendations ahead of the upcoming Passover holiday.
In light of Iranian and Hizbollah threats, the NSCCTB underscored its warning regarding the possible abduction of, and/or attacks on, Israelis abroad, especially regarding businesspeople in Arab and/or Islamic countries. 
Israelis abroad are advised to:
1. Be especially alert and sensitive regarding unusual phenomena;
2. Absolutely avoid visiting/being present in Arab, Islamic and other countries about which there are a travel warning;
3. Reject tempting or unexpected offers, and refuse to accept unexpected gifts from suspect or unknown sources;
4. Reject invitations to unexpected meetings, especially in remote locations, and take care to arrive at meetings with reliable companions;
5. Avoid admitting suspect or unexpected visitors to hotel rooms or residences;
6. Avoid routine behavior during prolonged stays abroad (change hotels from time to time, alter regular travel routes, visit different restaurants, etc.).