Netanyahu addresses son's drunken indiscretions

 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his son Yair's damning comments exposed in recordings on Channel 2 news, were "drunken nonsense."
The recording, taped two years ago, have the younger Netanyahu speaking to his friends while on a late night outing to Tel Aviv strip clubs, about employing prostitutes and exotic dancing. Yair Netanyahu at one point also addressed a $20 billion natural gas deal the government had just signed with energy companies, one of who was owned by the father of a fellow reveler.
His words and actions were heavily criticized by opposition politicians and women's rights groups.
Yair Netanyahu publicly apologized for his words, saying they were the result of consumption of alcohol and should never have been uttered.
"That is not how he was educated. I am opposed to the discrimination of women and he [Yair] was educated the same way," the prime minister said.
Netanyahu also called on Channel 2 to reveal whether it pad for the recordings, believed to have been made by a member of his son's security detail, and if so, how much they were purchased for.
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