Netanyahu and Merkel discuss Iran Deal in Davos

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland Wednesday.
After the meeting, the prime minister said the two discussed the Iran nuclear deal and Israel's security, among other topics.
"It was an important meeting. Of course, we talked about the Iran nuclear deal and I said that, in my opinion, the only option at the moment is to introduce real and non-cosmetic amendments that will prevent the nuclearization of Iran, otherwise it is guaranteed," Netanyahu said.
"I also expressed my appreciation for Chancellor Merkel's true commitment to Israel's security. She also reiterated this commitment. She said she understood our concerns about the nuclear agreement, and did not necessarily agree with the way we wanted to deal with it. There will be discussions among themselves, the Europeans, and the United States, but they understand that this issue raises our concern, which can threaten our very existence," he also said.