Netanyahu at UN: Iran deal doesn't make peace more likely, it makes war more likely

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the UN General Asembly in New York on Thursday, telling those nations who had spoken out in favor of the Iran nuclear deal: Check your enthusiasm at the door."
"This deal doesn't make peace more likely," Netanyahu argued, saying that by giving Iran billions of dollars in sanctions relief the deal makes war more likely.
Iran has boosted the delivery of supplies and troops into Syria, he said.  "It did all this to prop up Assad's brutal regime."
He said that Iran had delivered SA-22 and Yakhount missiles to Hezbollah in Lebanon in order to target Israel. In addition, Iran has aided Hamas and the Islamic Jihad in Gaza to build armed drones.
Iran also promised to arm Palestinians in the West Bank and sent Iranian Revolutionary Guards generals to the Golan Heights, he said..
"We will continue to act to stop the transfer of weapons from Iran to Hezbollah in Lebanon through Syrian territory," he said, alluding to Israeli air strikes in Syria.
The nuclear deal "will not turn the rapacious tiger into a kitten," he said.