Netanyahu backs up Ohana's attack on state attorney

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to Justice Minister Amir Ohana's defense after Ohana was attacked for claiming that there was a cabal of officials in an “Inner State Attorney’s Office” that has successfully ended the careers of public officials of whom it disapproved.
"Amir Ohana just quoted former Justice Minister Tommy Lapid of blessed memory, professor Ruth Gavison and others, that said the same things," said Netanyahu. "They spoke about phenomena that occur from foreign considerations of tying together cases, of trending and illegal leaks. They have criticized this."
The Prime minister stressed that Israel is a free country: "criticism falls on everyone and it can fall on everyone. You have to distinguish between the judges and the justice system and these bodies that need criticism. It's not against the rule of law rather it's for the enforcement of the law."
Netanyahu added that surveys were publicized that showed that most Israelis agree with Ohana's criticism.
Jeremy Sharon contributed to this report.