Netanyahu convenes a meeting to examine steps for fortifying the economy

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened on Thursday evening a discussion to examine further steps to accelerate and strengthen the country's economy.
The meeting included Finance Minister Israel Katz and other officials in the Finance Ministry.
"Along with steps relating to public health and to saving lives we also need to speak about fortifying our economy. Although we've seen a surprising rise in overall income during August, we know that we still face great challenges. We are constantly talking about implementing more steps that will provide more solutions to Israel's citizens and businesses. We're not giving up," Netanyahu said at the beginning of the meeting.
Katz added that "the main mission facing the prime minister and the government is divided into two: Firstly- to lower morbidity rates and secondly, to keep the economy alive ... We're sitting here now in order to analyze the situation in the market and to decide on further steps."