Netanyahu: Even 1,000 state’s witnesses won't help if nothing wrong was done

Nearing the end of his trip to the United States, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu posted a video to his Facebook page on Wednesday in which he spoke out against the "state's witness industry."
One of the prime minister's former top aides, Nir Hefetz, recently signed state's witness in the Case 4000 (Bezeq case) probe against Netanyahu.
Netanyahu described the "industry" as one in which people who claim they have committed an offense are taken into custody, threatened and told that their lives will be over and their family's lives will be over if they do not do the one thing that will get them out of their situation: blaming Netanyahu.
"When there is something real, one doesn't need a state's witness, and when there is nothing, even one thousand state's witnesses won't help," the prime minister said.
"This obsessive chase after more and more and more state's witnesses is the best proof that there is nothing here [to the case]."
He concluded by saying that the state's witnesses "will continue with their [work] and I will continue with mine, in this historic work here [in the United States] for the State of Israel. And time will tell how important this visit was to Israel's security."
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