Netanyahu: Position on Iran the same, but US is Israel's most important ally

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Office said in a statement released shortly after the Defense Ministry's comments Friday that the Israeli government's position on the Iran deal remains intact, but noted that there was no more important ally in the world than the United States. 
"As [Netanyahu] outlined in his speech to the UN last year, now it is important that those who agree and for those who object to cooperate in order to achieve three objectives," the premier's office said. 
"Make sure that Iran does violate the terms of the agreement," it continued, adding "deal with regional aggression from Iran and dismantle the global terrorist network of the Islamic Republic."
Comments from Netanyahu's office concluded by stating: "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expects that these objectives will become common policy and expects the alliance between Israel and the United States to strengthen with US President Barack Obama and with the next US administration.