Netanyahu signs covenant to preserve heritage sites

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Monday signed the Covenant to Preserve Heritage Sites, a joint initiative of the Society to Preserve Israel Heritage Sites and the Knesset lobby on preserving heritage sites, in order to create commitment to the issue and foster ties between young people and Israel's heritage.
Nine sites were approved for preservation, at a cost of approximately NIS 32.5 million and a plan is currently being formulated for approximately 40 additional sites.  Among the sites that have already been approved are Hana Senesh House in Sdot Yam, former president Yitzhak Ben Zvi's cabin in Jerusalem, and the Metzudat Koach site. 
Netanyahu said that preserving sites that have not been properly maintained is a national and international value and added that means were now available to preserve them.  "The sites that have been preserved are attracting parents and children and are linking them to the Land, Jewish heritage and Zionism.  The breakthrough in awareness is causing a great awakening on the ground; on Independence Day, 63 heritage sites were open without charge, which attracted approximately 100,000 visitors."