Netanyahu: Some tried to use Rabin memorial as a 'blatant political rally'

During a special Knesset session marking 24 years since the assassination of former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lamented that some tried to use the state memorial as a "blatant political rally."
"It happened after the memorial in Rabin Square turned into a political rally for Blue and White," said Netanyahu. "My friend, [Blue and White] Benny Gantz, I would expect that we wouldn't only speak about hate, but also about unity."
"Many have turned to me and implored me not to come to the state memorial after what happened during it last year," added the prime minister. "I said to them that I would arrive because the late prime minister Rabin was prime minister of all of us. This is a state memorial for a prime minister of Israel and it is fitting to respect it."
Gantz also spoke at the Knesset ceremony and warned that Israel is in a period full of challenges that require the order of priorities to be changed, "but the State of Israel is paralyzed."
The "paralysis" Israel is currently in was caused "because it was decided to bring forward elections for the 21st Knesset for personal reasons and a moment after it was dissolved for the same reasons."
"The paralysis that we're currently in is fertile ground for deepening divisions and controversies," said Gantz at the special session. "The looming danger for Israeli society is the greatest since the days before the murder [of Rabin.]"