Netanyahu, wife sue 'Ma'ariv' over story they call libelous

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara aresuing the Ma’ariv daily for 1 million over an article published inthe paper’s weekend magazine which the couple say is libelous.

Presented through lawyer David Shomron, the lawsuit refersto a story written by Ma’ariv’s Ben Caspit, who claimed SaraNetanyahu fired a gardener who worked at the prime minister’s residence, wasbehaving rudely to employees there and interfering with procedures relating tothe premier’s security detail, as well as other allegations.

The complaint said “there is not a speck of truth in saidarticle. The gardener who worked at the prime minister’s residence was neverfired by the complainant and continues in his job as he did in the past.”

The Netanyahus also said the paper never sought SaraNetanyahu’s response but decided to publish the story in a prominent place inits magazine. The decision, the couple claimed, was “an attempt by Ma’arivand Ben Caspit to deliberately humiliate the prime minister’s wife and painther in a light of insensitivity, abuse of those in weak positions and cruelty.”