Netanyahu’s spokespeople say court should slap police, yet gives it candy

Spokespeople to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Ofer Golan and Yonatan Orich, slammed the decision made by the district court on Tuesday saying that while the court said the police “trampled [the law] when it willingly violated our basic rights”, yet “instead of the court slapping police, it gives it candy,” Maariv, the sister publication of the Jerusalem Post reported.
According to Golan and Orich, “the way the courts behave passes to the police a shocking public message: don’t care about the law, keep on violating civic rights and fear not - a judge will come to save you anyway.”
The two spokespeople called on the supreme court to end the police “Wild West behavior.”
Police probed the two men's phones without informing them they have a right to refuse unless presented with a court order to that effect.