New MK Goumha Azbarga pledges allegiance to Knesset

MK Goumha Azbarga (Joint List, 60) pledged allegiance to Knesset on Tuesday. Azbarga, a member of Balad party, replaced MK Basel Ghattas who resigned on Sunday as a part of the plea bargain that was signed with him.
After swearing in, Azbarga said that he was sorry about what happened with Ghattas and that he wishes to thank him for his contribution. He then added that as a person who comes from the field of managing health systems, he would like to focus on that topic as a lawmaker, as well on other topics regarding the Arab sector.
"In recent years I focused on the issue of the Arab society right in general, and specifically of those in the Negev," he said. "I was restlessly acting against house demolitions and displacing people only because of their national affinity. I intend to fight for recognition of settlement in the Negev and to deal with poverty issues among the residents there." • Udi Shaham