NGO sends harsh letter to Egypt over kidnapped Eritreans

Former MK Zehava Galon and the policy director of an organization called We Refugees sent an urgent letter to Egyptian Interior Minister Habib Ibrahim El-Adly on Wednesday demanding that he act immediately to help a group of 250 Eritrean asylum seekers reportedly being held for ransom in the Sinai peninsula.
We Refugees, an NGO comprised of "attorneys, dedicated to protecting the rights of refugees, asylum seekers and stateless people," cited what it described as a lack of action by both the Israeli and Egyptian governments in adequately providing protection for migrants and refugees making their way through Sinai.
"Such inaction creates the disturbing impression that the crimes are perceived by the Egyptian and Israeli governments as in line with their national interests," the letter accuses. The Israeli NGO went on to suggest that the current situation of the migrants and refugees being held for ransom in Sinai, "is a direct continuation of the policies that result with migrants repeatedly being shot dead on the Israeli-Egyptian border."
Those being held in Sinai have reportedly been subject to rape and torture and require international protection, according to the letter.