Histadrut’s Nissenkorn mocks Yacimovich-Cabel ‘deal’

Histadrut chief Avi Nissenkorn on Tuesday made fun of Zionist Union MK Shelly Yacimovich, his competition in the May 23 election, saying she could not even close a deal with her political ally MK Eitan Cabel.
In the Cabel-Yacimovich deal that was revealed Thursday, Cabel agreed to allow Yacimovich to run in the Histadrut using a faction he created, in return for her support in his run for Labor leader in the July 3 party election. But Cabel’s faction made a deal with Nissenkorn and is trying to find ways to prevent Yacimovich from running.
“I have been making agreements for many years that help the economy and Israeli society,” Nissenkorn said at a Tel Aviv event full of his supporters. “They couldn’t even make an internal deal among themselves to divide up the spoils, and now they want to run the Histadrut?”
Nissenkorn said Yacimovich and Cabel were doing a disservice to workers by dragging the Histadrut into “yellow journalism.”
“We are tired of the talk of politicians,” he said. “I believe in working hard and getting things done, not talking.
Nissenkorn then gave a long list of his accomplishments in the post, such as rising wages and pensions and efforts to help workers employed by contractors.
Yacimovich responded that if she wins the race, “the Histadrut will fight for the workers and not deal with press conferences, television advertisements, and expensive public relations companies at the expense of the workers.”
She said Nissenkorn was disconnected from the workers, and those who attended the event were forced to come “by pressure and threats.”
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